Ristorante I Palmenti


Pleasure for the good things in life, simple produce from our territory and the picturesque setting: we hope all the three aforementioned aspects will positively affect your experience in our gourmet restaurant.
The pleasure of having good food has always been a good reason to meet and talk:
we really hope that you will remember us and the magic atmosphere of I Palmenti during a special dinner or while tasting a good wine or dish…

We would be really glad to give you an additional reason to make you remember our beloved territory…

Earthfood starters

 To start

“I Palmenti” earthfood starters € 10,00
Mixed crostini € 6,00
Our selection of cheese
with eco jams and marmalades
€ 12,00
The big vegetarian plate
(for 2 people)
€ 24,00
Salad with arugula, pecorino cheese and toasted almonds with vinaigrette sauce € 8,00
Zonzelle (Fried dough) with Parma ham and stracchino cheese € 10,00

Seafood starters

to start …

“I Palmenti” seafood starters € 15,00
”Palmenti” Gran mare seafood soup € 18,00
Il carosello – Seafood carpaccio € 16,00
Tiepido with vegetables and squids cut into julienne strips € 15,00

Earthfood First Courses

Garganelli I Palmenti with meat sauce di coccio € 8,00
Rice with asparagus and taleggio cheese € 9,00
Penne with white meat sauce and beet tops € 8,00
Ravioli with ricotta and spinach filling with Caponata and saffron € 10,00
Spaghetti alla carrettiera € 8,00
La zuppa del mugnaio (Miller’s soup) € 9,00

Seafood First Courses

Spaghetti Gran Mare “I Palmenti” € 15,00
Il risotto in barca € 13,00
Tagliatelle with scampi and asparagus € 14,00
Linguina rustica with clams € 12,00
Paccheri with grilli di mare and vegetable brunoise € 15,00
Durum wheat spaghetti with lobster € 18,00

Earthfood Second Courses

As in the Tuscan tradition, the main grilled meat we prepare is the famous Bistecca alla Fiorentina (T-bone steak – Florentine Style), but not only that.
Also our mixed grills are a must and worth tasting.
We choose first quality meat (beef, pork and mutton). 80% of the meat we use is Italian, the remaining 20% comes from abroad, mainly from Austria.

The true Florentine Style T-bone steak € 40,00 / € 45,00 al kg
Mix of grilled meats with potatoes alla ghiotta (for 2 people) € 36,00
Cockerel € 14,00
Veal loin with artichokes € 20,00
Wild Boar with Vin Santo Sauce and local olives € 18,00
Angus Entrecote Steak with red onions from Tropea € 18,00
Grilled Fillet with vegetables € 24,00

Seafood Second Courses

Restaurant I Palmenti is also famous for its excellent fish cuisine. A wide range of dishes is prepared every day, including a mix of fried fish, a mix of baked fish or a mix of grilled fish.
Passion for tasty and healthy cooking has driven our chefs for generations in this family-run restaurant.

The catch of the day € s.m.
Mix of fried squids and prawns with vegetables € 18,00
Mix of grilled fish € 27,00
Baked bass or baked gilthead with vegetables or all’isolana € 24,00
Baccalà alla Livornese (Salted Codfish Livornese) € 15,00

Side Dishes

Baked potatoes € 4,00
Grilled vegetables € 5,00
White beans served with olive oil € 4,00
Mixed salad € 5,00
French fries € 4,00

Miller’s Pizzas

Pizzas of the Restaurant I Palmenti fully take into account the well-being of clients, since they are prepared with a particular highly digestible kamut flour rich in Omega3.

The flour used for our “pizza giovane” is made up of: olive extracts, red grapes peels, khorasan wheat, dinkel wheat, oat, wheat seeds and golden lineseeds. These wisely combined ingredients make our PizzaGiovane a natural source of polyphenols and Alfa Linonelic Acid (Omega 3).

Pizzas prepared with this special mix of ingredients have anti-aging and antioxidant effects as well as a low level of cholesterol.
The pizza dough made with these particular flours ensures excellent results. Indeed, pizzas taste better and are more filling, crunchy as well as well appreciated by gourmands.

Try and see!!! In our Ristorante Pizzeria I Palmenti, you can not only try the traditional Italian pizzas but also the “special Miller’s Pizzas” created by our Chefs to fulfill the different tastes of our customers.

N°1 La Focaccia del “Buongustaio”with tomatoes, basil, smoked swordfish and ruchetta with citronette sauce € 12,00
N°2 La Focaccia rosè in dolce di Colonnata with cherry tomatoes, basil and Portuguese sardines € 12,00
N°3 La Focaccia Regina Caterina with delicato di rosè, basil, scampi and zucchini € 16,00
N°4 La Focaccia with bresaola ham from Valtellina, brie cheese, arugula, cherry tomatoes and basil € 13,00
N°5 La Focaccia with con Italian chicory, Tyrol smoked ham and different types of blue-veined cheese € 12,00
N°6 La Focaccia with pecorino cheese, tomato sauce, arugula and capocollo ham D.O.P € 12.00

Classic Pizzas

La Margherita € 6,00
Napoli with anchovies and capers grown in Pantelleria € 7,00
Marinara € 5,00
Capricciosa € 9,00
Vegetarian € 7,00
Diavola € 7.00
Palmenti with porcino mushrooms and cuttlefish € 11,00
Focaccia with Italian chicory, Tyrol smoked ham and different types of blue-veined cheese € 10,00
Calzone of your choice € 9,00
Filled flat bread € 9,00
Pane arabo € 10,00
Your favorite pizza € 10,00 / € 14.00


Still or sparkling water € 2,50
Small beer € 3,00
Medium beer € 5,00
Small Coke € 2,00
Medium Coke € 3,00
Local homemade beers € 12,00 / 18,00
Bitters and Limoncello € 2,00
Selected Grappas € 3,00 / 10,00


Visit the page dedicated to our list of wines.

Frozen or deep-frozen products may be served in this restaurant in compliance with the Law.
Some of our products may contain allergens.
To view the complete lists of ingredients for each dish, please ask a member of our staff.
According to Italian laws, smoking is prohibited indoors in bars-restaurants etc.

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